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Teacher Work Day

One time when I was discussing homeschooling with a mom friend, she said that she would love to do her homeschooling plan herself.  She said she would love to go out and pick flowers and talk about things with her girls, but  it was her daughters’ education and that was serious.  If you are a homeschooler, you are probably rolling on the floor laughing right now. Is that what they think I do?  If you aren’t, you might be thinking “is that what they do?” Well, that isn’t what I do, but maybe that’s what some people do.

Well today is a Teacher Work Day for me.  Yes, I decided that this morning and no, that isn’t just a fancy way to say we aren’t doing anything today. Eliza is creating a presentation with models to sum up her butterfly raising project because we are releasing them today.  My preschooler is having a free-play day and getting to watch a few educational videos. And I am reviewing, organizing, and writing assessments of the kids work since things have gotten terribly disorganized over the past weeks.

Since I was on the computer, I decided to post about my “day off” or the closest I get to one. So it’s back to coffee and paperwork for me.



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